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Garter Carriage Monitor

Price: 2 packages shipped with this.
We made this many years ago, when people started having problems with the Switch not working on the Garter Carriage.  The only way to make the Garter Carriage Knit was to manually push the switch.  You could send it in to have it fixed for a lot more, not sure if you can do that anymore.  We have Five left when we deceided not to sell them anymore.  Now we are clearing out what is left.  If you have any questions please call us at 218-238-5882 or e-mail at  I am using mine right now as I am knitting a Garter Carriage Sweater with the Monitor as my switch has not worked for years. Please let us know how you use your knitting machine with the Garter Carriage as we have one for when your knitting machine is flat, or if you have your ribber attached. Our e-mail address is Cost is $40.00 plus shipping within USA.  We do not ship outside of the USA for this item. We now have only 2 left and you would have to use your knitting machine flat on the table similiar to our Picture.

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